About Johnny - Johnny's Dairy Free Ice Cream

Johnny Melican has travelled the globe working to Michelin Star standards as a chef that has enormously impacted the food world. His passion for good, healthy food has driven him to create an ice cream using a unique process only used by Johnny.

After many years of development, Johnnys process began to produce Ice Cream that started to reach the incredible taste that he hoped for.

It all began when Johnny was assigned to cater for an event where the client required a Dairy and lactose-free menu. The starter and main courses were not a problem, but the desert just did not cut it! Johnny then decided to create his own ice cream for the event.

On the back of some really positive feedback, Johnny decided to convert his home into a commercial kitchen to produce his very own dairy free ice cream.

With absolutely no compromise on taste or quality, these beauties will completely blow your taste buds for six!